Disara’s False Confidence

Disara’s False Confidence

Once again, I’m up until the late hours of the night drawing. This time I draw one of my favorite original characters, Disara Garrett. She has evolved over the years as my art style changed/improved.

If you already know or met Disara, you then know that she is a drunk, gambling, flirty, drunk, rogue/thief…and most of all drunk. You are probably then thinking to yourself “She looks like she has balance and a sense of competence, that’s not Disara!”. Well she has her moments where she has to pretend that she knows what she’s doing…or else how the hell does she get work?

I actually see this image and see her saying “Hey you’sh there in the chair. *hiccup* I’m here to shlit yer giz…gizzard. Hey ish that a beer?”

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