WIP art on my Patreon

It’s July and that means I am getting ready for San Diego Comic Con. I will have a booth (Small Press P-14) and have art in the Art Show (Manchester Grand Hyatt, Grand Hall C & D).

All of my Work in Progress (WIP) art will be available to my Patrons on my Patreon. All finished work will be posted for the public to see. If you have an interest in seeing my artwork while it’s being made, you’ll need to donate to my Patreon (any amount).

If you want to get an email notice that I have new artwork done and want to see it first, be sure to follow me on my Patreon (no donations required) and feel free to leave comments on my Patreon posts. The more people interact with my Patreon, the more I get noticed and hopefully get new fans.

If you want to support my artwork and don’t have room on your walls to buy an art print or room in your bookshelf to buy a Zombie Ranch comic, donate to my Patreon.

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