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A few weeks ago I hurt my back, so I’ve been stuck not going to the karate dojo. This means that I had some extra free time. Besides drawing a commission that I sadly can’t share (but I hope to share soon); I’ve been trying out Duolingo, started my Bored & Creative blog back up, and been working to update the website.

The original plan was to spend it drawing, but sadly my current setup at my computer doesn’t help my back issue and my laptop won’t run Photoshop all that well. So I’ve decided to see it as an opportunity to work on things that I’ve been wanting to do/try out.

You can blame the pain meds for Chicken Goat.

To help tide you over till I can draw on a regular schedule again, here’s this weird little doodle.

The first convention of 2014 is coming up and I look forward to seeing some of you guys there. And hopefully uninjured.
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If you don’t like Chicken Goat, you might like this little drawing.

Sticky Note Art

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