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Normally I announce once that I have artwork in a contest and requests votes. But according to some friends, the proper way to get higher votes is to keep announcing it. I worry that it’s annoying to those following me, but it’s required since everyone isn’t online 24/7 like I am. Also this is a hidden plea to help me get off the internet, I think I’m trapped and it will kill a puppy if I try to leave. But I might be safe for a little while. I left a trail of memes for it to follow into the basement. Soon it will be the one trapped and I shall be free!

Riddles & TruthsBy now you might notice that I’m a little silly today. If not, then you do now. While in this mood, I’m going to request you vote for my artwork in the Infected by Art contest in a fun/silly/odd way. Hopefully it’s entertaining, if not, then it will at the very least be different.

Why should I vote for Dawn’s art?

It has a fucking awesome monster in it! I mean! Look at it’s teeth! And that freakin’ eye!

But monsters need as much love as big boobed sexy women art. I mean, there are some great looking art in the contest of sexy women. Give monsters a chance!

Why should I care about monsters?

Monsters have feelings too. They dream! Sure they’re terrible horrible dreams, but they’re dreams just the same.

Take Frankie here. Frankie has always dreamed of becoming a model, but was told the modeling world wants only beautiful monsters. They want monsters that people can look up to in a heavenly terribleness and think “I will be destroyed by this beast or go insane in a matter of seconds”.

“I’ll starve myself, find a way to put on skin so I can wear makeup, wear the latest fashion and learn to walk down a runway in heels! Just give me a chance! Let me live my dream!” and the Cthulhu modeling agency shook their head at Frankie and said “We don’t need another failed Lady Gaga wannabe. We’re sorry, but you’re not what we’re looking for.”

Why isn’t the woman in the drawing sexy?

So Frankie left, sad and tired of always getting rejected. The monster took up a job working in catering because that was the closest Frankie could get to fame. Years passed by like the glasses of water and hors d’oeuvre served. Until Frankie got fired and ended up living on the streets, sad and alone.

Hello? Did you hear me?

And that was where I met Frankie, in that dark place where hopes are lost. Sure this wasn’t a beautiful monster or a beloved one that you might find on Sesame Street. But there was a fire in Frankie’s eye that couldn’t be put out. The light had dimmed, but it had the potential to grow strong again!

I knew at that moment I had met my subject! My Mona Lisa! My missing left sock that I lose ever so often when I put my clothes in the dryer!

I poked Frankie with a stick to make sure it was alive and I was happy/horrified that it was. What happened after was all a blank and involved some Tequila, but days later I created my masterpiece – till I draw something better – the “Riddles & Truths”!

Okay, I’ll vote! Just stop shouting so much.

So voting for my art is a vote for monsters everywhere looking to get recognized and terrorize. Vote for monsters like Frankie! Vote for my artwork on the Infected by Art contest!

 Click here to vote for Dawn's artwork

Voting ends September 1, 2013

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