Thief Panel

I’m a huge fan of the Thief games and have always liked Garrett a little more than the Assassins Creed characters.

Today I got to attend the Thief panel where they talked about the features and what to expect in the new game.

Garrett will be going through some changes, but they want to keep what older fans loved about the character. Once again we will Garrett will be a master thief who just wishes to steal alone, but ends up being sucked into epic events.

They also spoke with people who work in fashion to help create his outfit for the new game in order to help use the proper fabrics in certain areas to make it more realistic. They specifically have fabric in specific areas in order to help him move or attack.

Some of the old weapons and tools will return in this game; blackjack, the cutter (anti-trap tool), bow, wall climbing tools, lock picks, etc.

It looks great and really looks like the old game, just with better graphics. Just wish the panel went into more detail about the story.


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