The Whispers – Unfinished

Trying to get as much artwork ready for the Dragon Con jury and preparing for the San Diego Comic Con Art Show. I haven’t gotten a confirmation just yet that I’ll be in either, but I have been displaying at the San Diego Comic Con Art Show for years and have a stronger feeling that I’ll be there.

Dragon Con is still a little new. I was in last year, but there was a bit of a communication error about applying as a “mail-in artwork” artist. Hopefully this year they won’t hold my mistakes against me. <fingers crossed>

But this is a sample of one of the pieces of artwork I hope to display at the Dragon Con if I can get a display panel. I’m calling it “The Whispers” and hope that I can get the help from my writer buddy/husband Clint to write a little mini story to be sold with the art based on the idea I had for the artwork.

“The Whispers” so far is only just inked and fully waiting for the ink to dry before adding copic markers/water colors to it. Will be fun to create a high contrast colored drawing. Haven’t done any really, so this will be a challenge.

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