So at the last convention I was at, I was asked if I had a sketchbook. I always found this concept interesting and never thought people would want to see doodles of things that are my head. Especially since it means that a good portion will be the strange weird things that come out of my head. Do you truly want that? Over half of the things I draw for Bits of Nothing I tell to Clint before I draw them and he shakes his head at the odd visual I portray to him. Or talk about it late at night like a crazed mad scientist. A good example is like when I walked into the bedroom at 3AM giggling and saying “Mutant Babies Garrus!” and wanting him to understand the genius of Disara Shepard being drunk talking to Garrus (from the game Mass Effect 2).

One of my drawings that would be an example of a detailed concept drawing that you see in a lot of professional artist's sketch book.

And then I wonder about the quality of the sketches in the book. You look at a sketchbook from someone like Amanda Conner and the drawings are greatly detailed and amazing. Or would random doodles qualify for being a sketchbook? A lot of professional artists seem to have “Concept Art” books that they call “Sketch Books” in my opinion.

Cause I can put together a really quick sketchbook that has like 10 and charge like $1.00 for it. But would charge like $10-15 for one that has more detailed drawings that I spend hours on that come out of my head (probably not in color).

This is an example of one of my drawings that was a pretty rough sketch.

Also a sketch book to me is something where I see a bit of roughness, something where I can get an idea of the artist’s drawing process. Then there’s the concept art where you get to see character, clothing, comic scenes, and other drawings in more detail (but perhaps not to completion).

What’s your thought on this? What type of sketch book do you prefer? Loose and showing the creative process or cleaner and with more detail than a normal sketch?

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