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Some people do Spring Cleaning on their home, I do it with my websites. Which is pretty normal for websites since things tend to change for web design and improvements are made on web browsers. I enjoyed my last site but, with mobile devices becoming popular in web surfing more and more, I felt that it needed a large change on the code level. And if I was going to do that, I might as well change the look as well.

Right now the site is a work in progress as I mess with the code to get a certain look and feel that I want. So things might look a little odd or function strange, but that’s probably due to me working on the site on my end. Ah the glamorous work of  web designer.

Also doing this because I’m job hunting at the moment. So I’m trying to build my website for fans and for those that might want to know more about me and my work before they hire me. I’ve worked at Nickelodeon as a Digital Illustrator and tried my hand at Web Design at my college for over a year. The conclusion I came to was that I love working on the web, but I love illustrating. If I could get into comics, that would be wonderful. But what ever I do, I would love to have an emphasis on web with my illustration (web comics, kindle book cover artist, etc).

Let me know if you notice anything off, have some suggestions for content you want to see, or anything on the website.

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  • If you’re looking at this with IE, I’m sorry that it doesn’t seem to function properly. I’m working on fixing this problem.

    • Alright, it seems to work on some my husband’s IE8 browser, but not mine. Weird.

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