SDCC Art Show New Open to the Public Location

The San Diego Comic Con’s Art Show is moving to a new location this year. It will not be inside the convention center , but will now be in the Manchester Grand Hyatt, Grand Hall C & D (on the first floor, right behind the hotel registration desk, where the Blood Drive was last year).

Great news!

This means that the Art Show this year will be PUBLIC! You will NOT need a badge to view my artwork and will have the chance to buy original/prints through the art show. But you will be limited to quick sales only if you do not have a SDCC badge. Artwork with a bid on the buying sheet will not be available for quick sale anymore.

Will I still have a booth at SDCC?

Yes, I will be inside the convention center at booth P14 in the Small Press area where I will be selling prints of my artwork. I usually have mostly original artwork in the Art Show because people could visit my booth for prints, but will have more prints available in the Art Show for those that want a chance to buy prints but don’t have a badge to meet me at my booth.

What will I have in the Art Show?

I got the news about the new location and it becoming public not that long ago. And am making some changes to what I will have available for you guys to see and be able to purchase. Normally I select artwork to display based on the thought that the people viewing it will only be those with SDCC badges. The Art Show going public gives me more options and I will let you know what will be on display before the convention starts.

Map to the new Art Show location:

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