San Diego Comic Con Recap

This year was a lot of fun. I’ve been going for years, but it was a whole new experience being a part of the convention by hosting a booth rather than just being an attendee. I got to meet a lot of interesting people and drew many sketch cards for people and it was the first time that I could hardly keep them on the table. Especially the silly ones like Sad Astronaut Boy.

I also got to meet two very fun girls that requested me to draw them on sketch cards and even doodled on my sketchbook while I drew. They really reminded me of myself when I was in high school and went to comic conventions with friend Taen and others. Good times.

On Thursday, Rick came by and presented us with our own personalized Zom he made. It was Zeke from our comic Zombie Ranch. I love his little zoms and I highly recomend you check out his stuff:

I hope to do it again next year and look forward to meeting new/old fans. The next convention that I’ll be at will be Wizard World Los Angeles on September 24-25. See some of you guys there!

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