My Art Over the Years


I saw a group of artists posting the evolution of their artwork, showing images of artwork from as far back as they can find. So I decided to join in and show how my artwork has evolved. Also thought it might be fun to add a timeline.


I was still in high school, I loved to draw, but didn’t plan to make art anything more than a hobby.
I signed up for Basic Drawing & Painting, and some creative workshop class that shared the same room with the Advanced Drawing and Painting class. The first day of class I’m sitting there drawing, the AD&P teacher sees me and says “You! Follow me”. Thinking I was in trouble again for drawing in class, I followed her. I was led to one of the fancy drawing tables and told to sit as she signed me out of the class I was in and into her Advanced Drawing & Painting class.

I still was in the Basic class, which was taught by a different instructor. That year I got an F in BD&P and an A in AD&P. That F changed a couple of days later to an A after the school saw it and thought it was odd.


Last year of high school and did some artwork for some school flyers. Was taking Ancient Latin classes and so all my artwork at this time tended to have Latin titles.


Got into a car accident after visiting a Renaissance Faire. Suffered a severe concussion where I don’t remember 6 months of my life very well. Memory is hazy for a few years. I probably drew stuff, but can’t really remember what or what I did with it.


Let go at my temp job as a secretary because I’m always doodling and drawing on sticky notes or scrap paper. Boss tells me “You need to go to school and become an artist”.


I start going to college and try to become an artist.


Start drawing the comic Zombie Ranch and Long Beach Comic Con is the first convention I sell my artwork at. Also interned at Nickelodeon.


Got a booth at San Diego Comic Con in Small Press.


Put together a kickstarter, it gets funded and my husband and I put together a  Zombie Ranch Volume 1 trade paperback!


Dream of getting paid to do cover art for Marvel or other comic books. Or a chance to work at some other nerd-friendly company as an artist. Would love the experience.

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