Luna Commission


I drew this a few months ago but couldn’t share it because this commission was purchased as a birthday gift. The recipient has received her gift and now I can share it on my website. Yay!

The rules to drawing it was simple:

  • outfit with moon and stars
  • add a cat or owl to the drawing
  • make it look like his wife.

Most of the photos I was sent were of her wearing a top hat, so I decided to add that in as well.

I love owls, so I happily choose to draw an owl in the artwork. I didn’t want to draw it just simply perched somewhere or flying around in the background, but somehow interacting with her. I remember once hearing a story of how the moon and stars were just a cloth draped over the sky. So I decided to give her a moon and stars shawl that will be draped over her by her owl companion.

This was fun to draw and I was very happy to hear that she loved it.

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