Long Beach Comic Con Weekend

So this weekend is the big weekend! October 29th – 31st is Long Beach Comic Con and I’ll be at booth #1700 in Artist’s Alley. I’ll be selling artist prints, Bits of Nothing comic, Zombie Ranch comic, and other little things. I’ll also be making sketch cards that I’ll sell for about $1.00 (depends on how much work I put in them, but usually they’re only $1.00).

I’ll also be hosing a panel at the convention:
Date: October 31st
Time: 1:00PM
Where: Seaside Lobby

This will be my first panel and I am very nervous. I’m one of those artists that is not use to public speaking, though happily I won’t be alone. Even though the image I sketched for this blog is how I feel I will be, I know that I’ll be alright. I’ve taught a class on how to do similar things, though that’s a room filled with maybe 20 people…it’s a little different if there’s more than 50.
So forgive me if I am a little goofy up at the microphone, it’s how I am when I’m nervous.

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