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So I decided that I want to try making resin jewelry with my artwork. The only type of jewelry I’ve ever made with resin was where you took a bottle cap, put a photo on the bottom and poured the resin on top. Though I always wanted to make it without the bottle cap and not get resin drops stuck on my kitchen counter.

I researched how to make such jewelry and stumbled on some helpful tutorial videos by Little Windows. Normally I watch these videos and search online for a cheaper products to make whatever craft I’m trying to attempt. But then I saw Little Window’s starter kit that had all the items I would need to make resin jewelry, like a mini hand drill to drill in the holes to make it so you can wear as a necklace. I might have not considered buying the kit if I had a drill, molds, or photo paper. But I didn’t so I decided to ignore the part of my brain that said “But you could use that money to buy nerd stuff. You love nerd stuff!” and clicked the add to cart button.

IMG_2024[1]I placed the order yesterday morning and received it in the mail today. Usually when I order from a place online with basic shipping, I don’t expect the order to come in the mail for a while and didn’t plan to get this till next week. Which is really good for me since I was really itching to get started on making my artwork into jewelry.

IMG_2025[1]I pick up the package on my front doorstep and before I open it I see “Thank you, Dawn!” written on the back. “Thank you mail” was my response before I realized that I was talking to a piece of mail as my cat looked at me weirdly.

After shrugging off my weird behavior, I opened the package and saw that the kit wasn’t tossed into the package that was nicely wrapped up and undamaged. Which is very important, cause I can’t imagine how I would of felt if the resin spilled in a way that caused a bunch of junk mail to be attacked to it. Okay…maybe I can imagine it and I would attempt to name it in a way that made me think of a Tribble made of penny savers and other bits of junk mail.

Within this kit was the items mentioned on their site:IMG_2029[1]

  • Resin
  • Cups
  • Stir stick
  • Mold
  • Mini Doming Tray
  • Waterproof Photo Paper
  • Jewelry bits
    • Chain
    • Findings
  • Mini Hand-Drill
  • Cropping Template

Next step is to actually test the product, make some jewelry and probably make a review that isn’t about me sticking everything on the surfaces of my home permanently.

For more about Little Windows, go to their website at

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