It’s my day off, why not play?!

Today is my day off from work. How do I choose to spend it? Trying to update my Bits of Nothing website. Been meaning to move it to a new web hosting service, but haven’t been feeling like it with this heatwave. My bill paying job is being a web designer, so doing web design at home can be a bit like not leaving work.

Though I don’t mind it when it’s a personal project because it’s something that I want to do and don’t have to listen to someone say “I don’t like that…could you add more pictures of my cat!”. With this I have full control. Though today I hit a snag and have been working on it for hours and pretty much feel like banging my head on the keyboard. So my brain needs a little break, and video games is usually that break.

Normally I would play World of Warcraft – like the quick illustration says. But today I think I’ll try some more of the Ever Quest II Extended Beta. Don’t worry, I haven’t betrayed WoW for EQ2.

One of my passions are MMORPGs and I like to demo them when a new one comes out. I like to see what they do differently or the same as other MMORPGs. It’s also just fun to play MMORPGs.
I would love to be an Illustrator or Concept artist for an MMORPG one day, even if it’s just for a single project. I’m the type of person that loves to try out new experiences and challenges. One of the big reasons why I did an internship for Nickelodeon, I wanted to experience what it was like to work for a company like them as a Digital Illustrator. I’ll be looking for work very soon, and I plan on handing out resumes to these types of companies. I expect a lot of rejections, but it’s worth the try and you never know.

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