Inktober: 15

Today’s Inktober Challenge is more of a schematic drawing for my Halloween costume.Inktober: 15The plan was to create a dinosaur puppet that I could carry around while my husband dressed up as Dinosaur Supervisor Phil from Jurassic Park. Sure I could have done a simple dinosaur cardboard cutout with paint, but that’s not my style.

The plan was to make it something that I would hang around my neck and carry in front of me while I wore a stage ninja black outfit. I also thought it would be fun to have the arms move, but I didn’t have the time/supplies to do it. So the only moveable parts were the head and a little bit of the neck to allow the head to go side to side.

The finished result. Made from cardboard, paper mache, paint, strings and a few wires.

Might show more photos later when I wear it for Halloween.

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