Inktober: 13

Here is the thirteenth drawing for the Inktober challenge.

Inktober: 13

A quick drawing I did during lunch at work.
I was one of those girls growing up who was a big fan of unicorns and loved movies like “The Last Unicorn”. But whenever you see a unicorn transform into a human, they always have beautiful long flowing hair. When I got older (and I discovered mohawk Storm from the 80s), I started questioning that look and thought, why wouldn’t they have a strip of hair down the center of the head (like a mohawk)? It’s pretty much what a horse has, they don’t have a mane of hair, but a strip. So there were many doodles as a kid of mohawk fighter unicorns carrying rapiers in human form.

I decided to try using nothing but a brush pen and so there are a few mistakes here or there on the drawing. Might try redrawing her again since I still love the idea of mohawk unicorn women.

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