Infected by Art update

So there have been some changes with the Infected by Art contest.

  1. They have altered the look of their website
  2. They have extended the voting deadline to December 1st
  3. There will not be a book at this year’s Long Beach Comic Con

Thank you all for your support and votes. But the main reason I entered this contest was to try to get my artwork into their art book that was to be available to attendees of Long Beach Comic Con’s 5th anniversary.

Since there won’t be a book, I was thinking of making a limited print run of this artwork (probably a run of 50 prints) as a LBCC 5th anniversary exclusive. As far as I can tell from their FAQ, it should be okay to do as long as it’s a small run, but I’ll have to look into it more.
If you still want to vote, you can do so here:

Riddles & Truths

Rather of bugging you with “Vote for me!” notices everywhere, I will not let fate decide if I’m in their book or not. Instead expect the regular updates on artwork, new store items, and me showing you my crappy attempt at animation that I’m playing around with.

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