I’m a Huge Nerd

Yes, I am a giant nerd. Currently I’m playing 2 D&D games (DMing one), just got World of Warcraft Cataclysm, drawing the web comic Zombie Ranch, and working on another comic that will be out next year.

Now to add to that, I’ve added listening to nerdy podcasts like:

HPPodcraft – H.P. Lovecraft literary Podcast
Critically Hit – D&D game play
Hearthstone Tavern – World of Warcraft Podcast for Roleplayers

And now I can add a new one – The Brian Howard Podcast. They don’t focus on nerd topics like the others do, Brian and his co-host Cowen are hilarious to listen to. I have a habit of listening to people talk and a lot of times they’ll say something that creates a drawing challenge. Like my friend who said “I’ll punch the fish in the face!” at a party I was at and caused me to draw “Punch the Fish in the Face” for my Bits of Nothing artist journal comic.

On one of the Brian Howard Podcasts, Brian and Cowen talk about what Brian’s super hero persona would be. They came up with The Neutralizer with some small details on the costume. Well ofcourse, I had to draw it.

Once again, I’ll repeat…I am a giant nerd.

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