Godzilla Encounter

One event caught my eye at San Diego Comic Con, the Godzilla Encounter. Now I’ve been a fan of Godzilla since I was a kid and just had to check this out. This event is to help promote the 2014 Godzilla Movie. And I will have to admit that it rekindled my love for Godzilla movies and is making me want to check it out. Naturally I’m a very skeptical person, but I like the effort Legendary is putting into this movie.

Security tape used for the attendee line path.This event started out with the Godzilla Encounter app, where you use your Geiger Counter to track down atomic radiation. The higher the radioactivity on the meter, the closer you are to the event’s location. In no time we found the place and were able to join the others in the line.

From outside, all we heard were the occasional sirens and stomping noises. Besides that, there were signs, caution tape and giant scratch marks left along the building we were going to enter. All of these elements added a great ambiance to the whole experience.IMG_2191[1]

After short wait, a woman opened the doors and said “Welcome to Tokyo” and felt like the immersion level was about the same I feel when going into a Fantasy Land Disney ride . As I walked about, I saw elements that I recognized in the old Godzilla movies as well as a few new elements.


A few minutes later and sirens suddenly went off and we were escorted to another room. Where I was asked to put my camera away in order to not ruin the experience for other SDCC attendees who wish to experience it.


I have to say it was an entertaining 7-10 minutes and a great way to promote an upcoming movie to me. If you’re in the San Diego Comic Con area, I suggest checking it out. Though I wouldn’t suggest children going if they’re afraid of loud noises.

Also, at the end of the experience, we all got a free mini poster.


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