Dragon Con Art Show Changes and Saturnine Comic

After looking at this years rules for Dragon Convention’s Art Show, I’ve decided to not send my artwork this year due to the raised costs. One reason for this cost fluctuation is that they now require you to buy 2 panels rather than 1 panel. I understand their reasons for this, but I sadly can’t afford to pay shipping, handling, for them to put up the artwork, cost for them to judge my artwork, and 2 panels.

Saturnine_cover_by_artofdawnThe other issue is that I won’t be able to produce enough artwork for 2 panels for Dragon Con with me planning to prepare artwork for two 4×4 panels at San Diego Comic Con’s Art show (which is cheaper because I drive the artwork there rather than mail it). I also have the goal to get the comic Saturnine Issue 1 done by this fall. So I think I’ll create a lot of free time by spending my art drawing time getting Saturnine done.

Which I know for years now I’ve been saying that I’ll get the Saturnine comic out, but this time I’m serious about getting Disara and company out and see what people think of her. Clint is helping write the story and my buddy Jacky is helping me by being my model for several of the characters in the comic. I hope to put more effort in drawing Saturnine and use it to help improve my drawing skills. Like being more dynamic in my art and add more backgrounds/scenery to the panels.

I’ll still be working on Zombie Ranch and still spend a lot of effort on it, but it’s limiting since I can’t spend a lot of time on fixing issues when I have to have a comic completed every week. Saturnine will be published differently than Zombie Ranch by me drawing out each issue and then posting it up on the web for people to read/view. And yes, you’ll still be able to read for free online.

With my years at being a web designer, I also intend to hopefully allow readers to be a little more interactive with the comic’s story by giving suggestions, maps and character chats. I’ve always loved the idea of the world evolving with the readers, which is something possible with web comics that you didn’t see much with print comics. So I’m very excited to get it started.

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