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Sunia WinsWhen I’m at a convention, I love drawing sketch cards or artwork for fans. They’re quick, they’re fun, and creative. But not everyone can come to a convention to ask me to draw them something, so I came up with Quick Sketch Fridays.

The one day out of the week where I tend to have some free time (not drawing comics, etc) is on Fridays. The idea is that I will accept sketch commissions that I’ll spend 30 minutes drawing and send you the file digitally for $10. I was also thinking of set it up so that the public could watch me draw said sketch.

Because I only plan to spend 30 minutes on each sketch at most, this would also mean that requests will need to be simple. A simple sketch request gives me more time to possibly spend on coloring or adding details. The more complex the sketch, the less time I can add to details/color.

What do you guys think?

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