Comic Creators For Freedom Fundraiser

A few weeks ago Comic Creators For Freedom asked comic creators to donate art to their cause. CCFF, working with Love146, are raising money to help fight against human trafficking. To help encourage donations and to make it a little fun, this  year the theme was Awkward School Photo.

To help support this cause, go here and donate as little as $1:

I wanted to participate last year, but heard about it too late. This year I was happy to help by contribuing a drawing of my character Suzie from our comic Zombie Ranch as a kid getting her photo taken. I debated which character from Zombie Ranch to do, almost thought about doing Rosa, but the thought of Suzie being annoyed that she had to get her photo taken won me over and I knew that I had to draw her for this project.

Click here to donate

Traffick zombies, not people!

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