Checking out Scare LA

Over the weekend I decided to check out Scare LA and was pleasantly surprised. Most first year conventions feel and look like an indoor swap meet where tables are spread about and you hear that muted hollow echo of people talking and shuffling feet. There was a tad bit of a noise issue, but could be easily fixed by placing certain booths in certain areas of the exhibit floor.

When I arrived at LAMart, I was happily directed by staff members in skeleton print T-shirts on where to go. I got my paper wrist band for the day and was directed to the elevators. The doors opened on the second floor and I stepped out into a Halloween wonderland. The walls were covered with decorations, T.V. monitors played haunting videos, and lighted pumpkins lined a wall. Sadly that is where the Halloween decorating ended and the booths started. But it was successful in getting me into the Halloween mood, I hope next year that they continue to add little bits of decorations on the pillars or banners throughout the convention floor. Maybe even let the booth owners decorate their spaces, have a silly contest and give the winners free coffee or lunch (cause I would love free lunch as a booth owner and working a long day selling my stuff).

There was a good group of vendors to this event that you could see:

  • Books
  • Comics
  • Halloween supplies
  • Special effects makeup
  • Costumes
  • Sculpting supplies & tutorials to make your own prosthetics
  • Contestants from Face Off doing signings

I enjoyed this convention and hope to see it again next year. Hopefully I’ll also be a vendor and sell our Zombie Ranch comics.

Below are some vine videos and photos I took at the convention.

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