Can’t beat the heat

I can’t stand the heat and I never was a big fan of summer because of that. The heat also affects my desire to draw, so I have to put my AC on in my apartment just to cool off. Which reminds me on how I need to find a job that can help support my need for cool and non sweaty environment. Because my current internship job doesn’t really pay for such luxuries.

So this is the reason for the lack of artwork being drawn on my website and on my deviantART page. Though I’m still trying to force myself to draw, even though it’s not as much as I would like. My current project is to design a little creature that is a “Lab Reject”. So far I have 3 sketches and I think I’m really wanting those I’m drawing for to pick between the three or tell me what they are more thinking of so that I know a direction to go rather than “Lab Reject” cartoon creature.

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