A New Hope

A New Hope

I also tend to call this piece Fan Girl, because that’s how I felt when I was drawing this. I had just watched the most recent Star Wars trailer and immediately became super excited about the movie. Now Episode 1 trailers looked amazing and that movie wasn’t very good in my opinion and I’ve been reluctant towards getting excited about movies again. But I’m found myself hoping that Episode 7 will help heal those old wounds.

If you’re someone who doesn’t understand why I hate Episode 1 so much, please watch the RedLetterMedia Star Wars Episode 1 review. It’s funny and does a great job at pointing out all the flaws.

In a previous version of this drawing, I had Convention Girl (yes, it’s Convention Girl fangirling out) sitting infront of a small TV. Decided that just showing her spoke more volumes on being a fan than showing her watching the television with her Star Wars toys. I also decided to change the background to blue because it seemed to work better. The purple made me go to her tongue too much, the blue is soft and makes you look at her eyes and BB8 more. Plus blue makes me think of ice, which makes me think of Hoth, which is a better environment for her Wampa plush toy.


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